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Assist Senior Legal Counsel for all Kaplan Greater China business units, including a joint venture. Job responsibilities including drafting legal documents (contracts, company policies, compliance documents etc.) in both Chinese and English, understanding business need and providing practical legal advice for each business unit, assisting internal compliance review and audit, providing guidelines to all business units on complying company policies, assisting the Board of Directors of the Kaplan JV preparing Board meeting document, providing relevant advise on sino-foreign joint venture laws and regulations, assist in interpreting Board meetings.


LLB or above;

At least 3 years working experience at law firms, or international company’s legal department;

Fluent professional English in daily work with excellent English drafting skills and oral interpretation skills, sensitive to differences in various business and legal cultures, able to communicate and coordinate with Kaplan overseas departments under the guidance of legal counsel and manager, and able to skillfully draft legal documents and business negotiations in both Chinese and English, understand business operations and the value of in-house legal functions;

Strong ability of communication and understanding, strong logical thinking ability;

Have certain knowledge in education industry, financial training business, or experience in compliance is preferred.


Draft relevant agreement for Kaplan Joint Venture, including publication contract, distribution agreement, IP licensing and sub-licensing agreement, sales agreements and other potential business contracts and agreements for the JV;

Assist Kaplan JV in filing relevant IP protection registration and anti-piracy enforcement, advising online and offline anti-piracy strategy, and providing support to anti-piracy litigations.

Assist the JV on daily operation to ensure JV is fulfilling its various contractual obligations with Kaplan;

Monitor JV’s business partners on their performances of various contract obligations, especially re IP protection, data protection, and compliance of various contract terms;

Prepare draft commercial agreement for all Kaplan business unit in China;

Assist legal counsel to coordinate with regulatory compliance and finance teams to supervise all relevant compliance matters, assist legal counsel in providing anti-corruption training and internal audit;

Assist legal counsel on various contract and operations for Kaplan Hong Kong entities; and

Coordinate and communicate with Kaplan global legal team to timely carry out the unified requirements of global legal departments, and to assist legal counsel in internal training.


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