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Business Development Manager

Report to: Professional Education (PE) Director 职业教育(PE)总监


Location / Base: Beijing


Hours: 40 per week. Flexible hours as required to support the needs of business.灵活的时间,以支持业务的需要。


Job Summary:

The PE Business Development Manager is responsible for identifying and developing strategic business other potential customers, working closely with the Directors and other managers.  As the PE Business Development Manager, you will take the lead in the development of new business opportunities that supports Kaplan-CITIC overall business growth strategy.  We are seeking someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, passion for sales and a proven track record of success in PE sector, who takes a hands-on approach to building business opportunities.  

In this key position, you will work closely with product and IT teams in China, UK, and US to achieve established sales goals and implement business development initiatives that maximize and grow Kaplan-CITIC brand and PE course/service recognition in China and generate bottom line revenue for the company.

职业教育拓展经理负责维系客户公共关系,包括潜在客户、政府、相关机构、董事和其他工作伙伴。作为职业教育产品推广经理,基于Kaplan-CITIC长期发展战略需要,积极拓展现有业务和寻求新业务发展机会。我们正在寻求有企业精神、对销售充满热情并在职业教育领域有良好业绩的人才。 在这个重要的职位,您的工作将与产品紧密结合,与中国、美国、英国的团队一起,致力于实现既定的销售目标和底线收益,拓展业务发展,最大限度地塑造Kaplan-CITIC品牌。


Main duties and responsibilities:

• Identifies trendsetter ideas by researching PE industry and related events, publications, and announcements.

• Proposes business opportunities by researching and contacting potential partner Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) for collaboration to deliver Kaplan-CITIC PE courses and provide TTT provision.

• Screens potential PE course sales by analysing customer demands, competition, sales requirements, potential, and financials; evaluating options; resolving internal priorities; recommending equity investments.

• Develops negotiating strategies and positions by studying integration of new venture with company strategies and operations; examining risks and potentials; estimating partners' needs and goals.

• Develops good working relationship with company’s key stakeholders to ensure Kaplan-CITIC PE courses are delivered in an efficient and effective way.

• Works with product managers closely to ensure continuous development and perfection of Kaplan-CITIC product portfolio to fit customer needs.

• Manages and uses company’s database/CRM system.

• Develops and implements effective marketing campaigns to target audiences through multiple channels.

• Leads the production and management of company’s publicities for promotion/marketing purposes including website, social media chapters, promotional materials, product demo, PPT’s.

• Protects company’s IP values in compliance of relevant regulations and company’s policies and procedures.





•与公司共同利益者维系良好的工作关系,确保Kaplan-CITIC 职业教育能够有效的并且高效的运营。


•负责管理和使用公司的数据库/ CRM系统。


•负责公司宣传推广活动,包括网站、社交、媒体、宣传材料,产品演示等。 •遵守相关法规、公司政策和程序,保护公司的知识产权。


Please download full Job description in English Here and in Chinese Here.



Candidate shall send Cover Letter and Resume to

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